I was a KinderMart seller in previous years, but not lately. Do I register as a new or returning seller?

Unless you have registered before with the MyCM software used by our sale or another sale, you will need to register as a new seller. By doing so, you will set up your own user ID and password in MyCM. Once you have a seller number assigned, you will keep that seller number for future sales unless/until you do not sell with KinderMart for 6 consecutive sales. At that point, your number will be made available for new sellers. If you have sold or worked in the Spring 2012 KinderMart or after, you already have a MyCM user ID and password. You should use that login combo to access your account on the seller’s page to sign up for our current sale. If it has been more than 6 sales since you last participated, your user ID and password will be the same, but you will be assigned a new seller number upon registering.

I have used the My Consignment Manager system with other sales. Do I register as a new or returning seller?

You should already have a user ID and password associated with your MyCM software account from the other sale(s). Visit the seller’s page and use that same user ID and password to access your account and then register for our sale. This will allow you to transfer any unsold items from the other sale to KinderMart. You must use the link from our seller’s page to register for KinderMart. Going directly to the MyCM page will not give you access to our sale.

I forgot my user ID and password. How do I retrieve?

Go to the seller page and click the button to log in/register. Use the user ID/password retrieval tool to have your password and/or user ID sent to your email address on file.

Does KinderMart track inventory?

MyCM will number your items, however we do NOT conduct an inventory sale. These numbers are a convenient way to see how many items you have, but they will not be used to track what items sold. Do not worry if your items don’t begin with #1, or are not consecutive. Per our Seller Agreement, found in the Seller Packet, you agree that all items are consigned at your own risk. Though we do our best to manage our sale in a professional and secure manner, you agree not to hold KinderMart responsible for any loss or damage to items that may occur.  Because we do not track inventory, you will not be able to access sales reports during the sale.

Can I request the same seller number I had before?

If you sold in any of our last 6 sales, you will be assigned the same seller number. If you are a new seller under the MyCM system, or haven’t sold in the last 6 sales, the system will assign you a number based on availability.

I can’t make my item check-in appointment time. Can I change it?

Yes, you can make changes to your check-in time up until 11pm Monday night by logging into your account and choosing the “CHECK-IN” tab at the top of the working screen. You may choose from any remaining available appointments.

I cannot bring all of my items in one trip. Can I come back a second time to bring the rest of my items?

Please notify the Check-In workers if you have additional items. They will determine IF this is possible. If so, limited items will be accepted on your second drop off. Please make every attempt to bring your items in one trip at your scheduled time.

Does KinderMart sell stuffed animals?

No, we no longer accept stuffed animals of any kind. Due to space restraints, we have chosen to eliminate these from our list of accepted items.

Do you accept furniture? Drop-side cribs?

Yes, we accept children’s furniture such as cribs and matching dressers, changing tables, child’s table and chairs or glider rocker.  We also accept nursery décor, window treatments, and children’s bedding as long as it is something obviously for children or babies. We also accept crib mattresses. We do not accept drop-side cribs. We only accept new-style, fixed-rail cribs.

How do I transfer my unsold items from the last sale to this one?

Log in to your account from our seller’s page. You may access instructions for transferring items under the “MANAGE INVENTORY” screen in the “Help” section on the right hand side. Choose the “How to Transfer Items” link and follow the instructions carefully.

How do I transfer my items from another MyCM sale (i.e. CCC MOPS Sale) to KinderMart?

To transfer items from another MyCM sale to KinderMart, you must login to your account from the My Consignment Manager website instead of using the link on the KinderMart website.  Go to www.myconsignmentmanager.com and choose the “Seller Login” button at the top right corner.  You will then choose “MANAGE INVENTORY,” select the other sale you are transferring from, then the “TRANSFER ITEMS” tab, and finally the sale you are transferring TO.  Then check the boxes next to items you wish to transfer, and click the blue button bar that says “3) Transfer Selected Items to Target Consignment Now.”  After you are done, log out and return to the KinderMart website.  Login again using the RETURNING SELLER link and check that your items have been transferred.

Can I still use some of my old KinderMart tags if my seller number matches?

No, we will no longer accept old KinderMart tags. All tags must be printed from the MyCM system and have barcodes and typed descriptions of the item.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay cash for my seller number?

All seller numbers are issued online only. Your best option is to ask a friend to purchase your number for you and reimburse them.

I didn’t get a reminder email and forgot to register for the sale. Is there any way I can still get a seller number? Is there a wait list?

We are sorry, but once our 325th number is issued online, registration closes automatically and there are no more numbers to give out.  We are limited by our space and cannot take additional sellers.  If you have been to our sale, you know how crowded it is! For future reference, registration always begins on February 1st and August 1st for our two seasonal sales. WE NO LONGER MAIL POSTCARDS, so please make sure you have signed up for our email list on our home page. We do not keep a waiting list for seller numbers. We register the first 325 and do not take additional sellers, even if someone drops out.

How do I volunteer to work at KinderMart?

Volunteer shifts are filled only by parents of our SFUMC Preschool students. If you are a preschool parent but not selling, visit the volunteer’s page to login/register and sign up for your shift.

Do you provide childcare during the sale?

We do not provide childcare for shoppers at any time. Childcare is available only for volunteers during specific shifts during the sale. You can see which shifts offer childcare when you register for your volunteer shift. You will then also need to register your child’s name, age and any other pertinent info via the childcare link on our volunteer’s page. Children in the nursery during evening work shifts will receive dinner. Please also note that strollers are not allowed in our sale before 11 AM on Friday.

Do sellers get to shop early at KinderMart?

Yes, we offer a Seller Preview Sale on Thursday evening, from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. You MUST have your Seller Pass (provided to you when you check-in your items) to enter this sale. No friends or family members are allowed to accompany you. We typically offer early shopping at 4:45 pm for sellers who wish to contribute $5 or more to the Sarah Davidson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Early entry requires cash, paid at the door. Please move to the front of the line if you intend to pay for early entry.

Where do I find 65 lb. white cardstock to print my tags?

Most office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot or OfficeMax offer cardstock in a ream package. One ream should last you several sales. You must buy white cardstock. Also, we do not suggest 110 lb. stock – it is too heavy and can damage your printer if printing multiple pages. We do not accept regular 20 lb. copy paper because it rips and wrinkles too easily. We do not accept colored tags. If your items are tagged with 20 lb or colored paper, the items will be returned to you, or immediately donated if you selected that option.

Where can I find wire hangers for the clothes I am selling?

KinderMart requires the use of wire hangers to help us squeeze all the clothes onto the racks. Plastic hangers simply take up too much space. Your best source is your own dry cleaner. We have also seen packages of children’s wire hangers at Wal-Mart. Please do not bend hangers to fit clothes. Just pin the item securely to the upper arms of the hanger.

Do you allow vendors in your sale?

No, due to space constraints and church regulations, we cannot allow outside vendors to sell or market products, nor distribute flyers or promotional material at our sale.

I’m having trouble printing my tags. What could be wrong?

If you have successfully entered your items into the MyCM system, you will go to the PRINT TAGS screen to 1) Generate your tags and 2) Save or Print the PDF file. If you wish, you may save the PDF file to your computer desktop or another location for printing at a later time.  If you make a change to an item, you must re-generate and reprint that tag so the new information can be encoded into the barcode properly. If you don’t get a PDF file, try going back to the PRINT TAGS screen, selecting the items to print, and trying again. If you still have trouble, or if the system asks you for a “print code,” please contact us at  info@KinderMartsale.com so we can assist you with your specific problem. They are all fixable!

Can I drop off my items at any point during the posted drop off period?

Drop off is by appointment only. To make an appointment, please log in to your account, choose the “check-in” tab at the top of the working screen and choose any remaining available appointments. PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday’s drop off is 1/2 day only and fills up quickly so make your appointment ASAP.