How do I transfer my items from another MyCM sale (i.e. CCC MOPS Sale) to KinderMart?

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To transfer items from another MyCM sale to KinderMart, you must login to your account from the My Consignment Manager website instead of using the link on the KinderMart website.  Go to and choose the “Seller Login” button at the top right corner.  You will then choose “MANAGE INVENTORY,” select the other sale you are transferring from, then the “TRANSFER ITEMS” tab, and finally the sale you are transferring TO.  Then check the boxes next to items you wish to transfer, and click the blue button bar that says “3) Transfer Selected Items to Target Consignment Now.”  After you are done, log out and return to the KinderMart website.  Login again using the RETURNING SELLER link and check that your items have been transferred.

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