FAQs for Postponed Spring & Summer Sale 2020

I’m a seller. What about my seller fee?

Your seller fee will roll over for the new date. We understand if this new sale date does not fit with your schedule and we are happy to refund your seller fee. Any items entered into My Consign are transferable from Sale to Sale without printing new tags. A tutorial on how to transfer tags will come out shortly.

I’m a Seller and I want to do the rescheduled Spring Sale later in the Spring. Can I continue to tag?

Yes, you can continue to tag at this time. We have always had a 500 max tagged item per seller number.

Seller Numbers Available on August 1 for the Fall 2020 Sale

Seller's Portal:

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Sell Your Goods!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a KinderMart seller! This is a great opportunity to make a little extra money and help your community, and our preschool. Everything you need to know can be found in our Seller Packet below or view the at-a-glance version here.

Have you ever wondered how to price your items for KinderMart Consignment Sale? We put together a Suggested Pricing Guide to help!

Download seller packet

Tagging Examples

Below are some examples of correctly and incorrectly tagged items. Please refer to the Seller's packet for additional information. Please remember that incorrectly tagged items will be returned to the seller.


Use only wire hangers. All shirts and dresses should be HUNG on hangers. Hook opening should always open to the left and tags on right shoulder. Pin pants to the top of the hanger to ensure they hang properly.



Shoes should be put into ziplock bags and sealed with tape. Firmly tape the printed tag to the outside of the bag. Do not tape over the barcode.


Books can be sold individually or bundled as sets. Do not tape over the title.

Making Tag

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! The better description will help KinderMart Volunteers incase your items get separated from its tag. Be sure to include brand, color,and pattern.The more detail the better!
View pdf explaining how to add details to your tags here.



Put all small parts in a baggie then tape or zip tie all loose pieces to main body of the toy. Tape tag firmly to toy without tapping over barcode.


Attached tags to strollers in a highly visible location.


Got questions? Check out our FAQs!

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